Uninterrupted Power



Are your important documents saved?

What were you doing the last time your computer lost power? Hopefully, not working on an important document.

Our generators with a UPS for the entire building can prevent any outage that you may face. Last through an outage or provide a leisurely time to save documents. Never buy another single computer UPS again, all computers are covered. Your office is covered. Even the break room fridge.


prevent down-time

The old adage, “Time is money“ exists for a reason. If you have a production line, the last thing you want is a shut-down from events that are out of your control. A generator back-up can provide continuous up time between normal running and a block-wide power outage.


What do you do when its -30°C and the power goes out?

Northern winters are hard and unpredictable and it only take one person to slide into a power line or ice storm to pull lines down. A back-up generator can keep your house heated in the event of an inevitable power outage.

Likewise, a single outage can make you clean-out a fridge with $300 groceries. Not to mention a freezer full of meat. A generator sized for home use can prevent that from happening.

Its more than a backup, it can be a life-line.

Want some work peace of mind?